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certified inspections and audits of lifts, escalators, vehicle hoists, elevated work platforms and fixed cranes



NT WorkSafe Registered Inspector 306 from 1995 until the change of Legislation in 2012.

RES Inspection Services has been inspecting and certifying lifts, escalators, vehicle hoists, fixed cranes and elevated work platforms since 1995.

Regular inspections will ensure that your plant is being maintained correctly and safely.


Whether it be an initial commissioning inspection, certification inspection, maintenance inspection or comprehensive audit, we can provide the correct documentation for compliance with Local Statutory Regulations and applicable Australian Standards.

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Comprehensive inspections by a professional person will ensure the continuing safety and reliability of your plant and the safety of workers.

Regular inspections also help identify wearing components to be pro active in maintenance, thus ensuring reliability.

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Commited to getting you home safely to your loved ones


An inspection is a systematic and detailed examination of the plant and all its associated equipment by a competent person.

Its aim is to detect any defects which are, or might become, dangerous, and for the competent person to report them to the plant owner and if necessary the enforcing local authority, so that appropriate remedial action can be taken.

To determine the extent of the thorough examination, the competent person will assess the risks, considering factors such as where the plant used, frequency of use, age and condition, the weight of loads to be lifted, etc.

A thorough inspection may include some non destructive testing if the competent person considers it to be necessary.

The competent person will normally determine what tests are required, taking into account the relevant Australian Standards.

Inspections should not be confused with preventive maintenance, although they have some elements in common.

Preventive maintenance usually involves replacing worn or damaged parts, topping up fluid levels and making routine adjustments to ensure risks are avoided. Inspections act as a check that the maintenance is being carried out properly, but is not intended to replace it.



RES Inspection Services was established

over 25,000

Inspections conducted to date

17 years

NT WorkSafe Registered Inspector 1995 - 2012


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